November 29, 2020

Welcome to my Website!

Hi! You found me! Welcome to my website! So happy you are open and looking for resources that can help you live a better life and design your retirement. This is the right place. I have been posting already some interesting stuff on my blog, and just added other pages of this website.

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience in financial, tax and other business matters with entrepreneurs, small business persons and home business owners. I completed a Masters in Accounting study and have since been working in this field in Corporate America. I am an avid life-long learner that is looking for valuable information on these matters, and also for self-development tips to grow and become a better person.

Besides the above topics, I discovered another area that I am passionate about. As I am getting older, I became aware of the limited information and help for women, that just like me, want to change from a job at corporate America to a lifestyle that provides freedom of time, gives purpose and also creates joy and prosperity. 

My vision for this website is to provide resources, news, advice and golden nuggets that empower you to live life to its full potential. Follow your dreams, seize new developments, and be bold!

Living Life in Abundance!

Work With Me

How To Create YOUR Blissful Post-Career Life

5-step PROCESS to retirement


Are you ready to create a new phase of your life that allows you to live a purposeful life full of joy and prosperity?

Have you been working for thirty of forty years in a job that was interesting and exiting when you started, but through the years the challenges are creating instead more stress than fulfillment?

Do you want to harness your vitality and bring your awesome dream vision to fruition to make the after-career period exciting, empowering and blissful? You’ll find the answer here on the Work-With-Me page.


Here is how I can help you to create your blissful Golden Years in my 5-Step Process To Retirement:

  1. Envision how you want to spend the golden years of your life. Together we will explore the different aspects of your dream life and get clarity on what makes you happy and lets you live the lifestyle you desire/ deserve.
  2. Inventory of your current situation to get a picture of the 5 key elements for a fulfilling retirement: health, social connections, activities, finances and identity.
  3. Designing your dream lifestyle using the current situation as starting point. Making short term and long term goals to plan the roadmap to your desired post-career life. Looking at what habits and activities to keep, what can go, and how to prioritize action steps to achieve the intended dream retirement.
  4. Execution of the developed action plan/roadmap. Implementation activities to be ready for the day that you leave your 9-5. Changing habits, taking small steps to achieve the bigger goals in the timeframe available.
  5. Periodical review of progress made towards the goals for a blissful post-career life. Support and accountability from me all the way. Assisting in modifying the plan to achieve the ultimate dream retirement.


Below Coaching Packages Are Available:


>>>Envision YOUR Blissful Post-Career Life

  • 5 sessions of 1 hour with Maria
  • Access to private Facebook Group
  • Ask questions by email

Package Price is $700 when paid in full. Or 2 instalments: $400 at registration and $350 within 1 month.


>>>Design YOUR Blissful Post-Career Life

12 months coaching program includes the following:

  • 12 laser coaching sessions of 90 minutes with Maria (1st week of the month)
  • 12 private consultations of 60 minutes with Maria (3rd week of the month)
  • Biweekly Group Questions & Answers session of 15 minutes (2nd & 4th week)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Complimentary ticket to 2-day retreat in 2019 (Dates TBA)

Not sure if this is right for you or maybe you have questions?

Schedule your FREE Strategy call here.

Own your tomorrow and stay positive today.

Maria Lucassen

Tax season is over!

Ways to improve your down season.


Are you a professional that started a business in bookkeeping, taxes or financial services and have now a few month a slower period? What do you do to keep yourself and any staff busy and paid now all income tax returns have been filed? What other activities does your business offer besides finishing tax returns filed with extensions? Do you advertise to get more clients? Do you send out mailings to prospective customers and hope they need a professional accounting service?


Here are some ways how you can add additional revenue or find future leads for your business:

  1. You can organize training seminars for small business owners on quick books or other accounting software.
  2. Have an “open house” for your target client group and offer them a short workshop on a business topic.
  3. Thank your clients and do a survey on your service and find out from clients what they think could improve. This gives you plenty of ideas on what to do for next year, but also the chance to talk to these owners and maybe get a special project or a referral.
  4. Find related products or services that you can use to create additional revenue. For example you could offer Financial Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Notary Public Service, or Merchant Service consulting.

Off course it is also a good time to reflect on your business and look at how you stay in touch with your clients. Maybe you need to write a few articles for your website or your blog. Perhaps you need to find a new way to market your services.

Maybe thank your team for their hard work and brainstorm on things that can improve for next tax season, how work can be more productive or what the firm can do to have off-season work. You might reward them with a gift card or a special team event.

However, the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and your team is to take a few days off and unwind before you start looking into any of the above mentioned ways how to stay busy after tax season. You will have a fresh perspective and lots of energy to use the down time wisely.

Let me know what you think of the suggestions offered and what you do to make the most of the down season.


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<center>WELCOME TO MY BLOG!</center>

Tonight is the Night! It is now or never to start a blog. At the moment, I just don’t know yet what the topics will be. My interests are so diverse and I really do not want to pin it down to a theme or a specific industry. I believe that I am a smart person that loves to help people of all walks of life. Often indeed friends or coworkers stop by to hear my opinion on a current issue or a personal matter. I have an open mind set and am curious about many aspects of life and welcome sincere feedback.

In short, you just have to come back once in-a-while and see what is on my mind and keeping me busy.

My Story

After a successful career in the hospitality industry I was laid off one time too often, and because of the terrible events on 09/11/2001, I had to find a different profession. During my college years I enjoyed doing all the accounting exercises and always had good notes for tests. Currently, I am working as an accounting and tax manager for a private company that provides staff for commercial cleaning in hotels, casinos and timeshare resorts.

In December 2010, I got a position back at a cruise line I had worked for five years earlier, bur unfortunately, the parent company decided to merge and relocate this subsidiary to the other side of the US. Hence, I was unintentionally once again in transition to a new employment for several months. Being the good and responsible resident / customer / individual / person I am, I always made sure to pay the mortgage and other household bills no matter how. Unemployment assistance did just cover the mortgage so I had to dig in my savings for everything else.

When a friend re-introduced me to network marketing I decided to give this part time venture a shot. At times it goes well and other times it is at a standstill and nothing happens. In meanwhile, I have a real fulltime job that allows me to expand my experience and knowledge and thus is very rewarding. However, I do not want to depend on one income source alone as too often something unforeseen happens and there is no money left in my budget for sudden expensive problems.

Besides working part time on my fortune, I enjoy being outdoors. Here in Florida are ample opportunities to divert oneself in or on the water, make road trips by bicycle or just relax while gardening. I work out a few times a week, do yoga or go for a walk to stay active and healthy.

I’m also passionate about volunteering and giving back to the community. Every year I participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program that helps elderly people and low income families to file their tax returns for free. To qualify I have to pass several tests each year. I am also part of the Red Cross Volunteers that take care of hurricane shelters during the season. But Florida has been lucky for the last couple of years…. I also enjoy developing new skills that enhance my professional or personal qualities such as becoming a competent communicator in the Toastmasters program, giving presentations on topics that inspire or educate people, and mentor other members.

After several years researching the many opportunities online and in real life, I found some great coaches that helped me to stay focussed on what I want to accomplish and at the same time encouraged me to become my authentic ME in everything I do. Now I am designing my future blissful post-career life, and as a Retirement Coach I will inspire and serve many women just like me who envision a happy, healthy and purposeful next chapter of their life.

Thanks much for reading.

All the best,

Maria Lucassen

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Maria Lucassen



It has taken me a while to figure out what I can do with the WordPress page that I started off as a blog two years ago. I’m still working on improving and streamlining my output and how I can use it to become a successful entrepreneur. On this page I want to give you some advice on things that I use to run a blog and for promoting my ideas, resources and products.

Here are the Blog resources that I’ve used:

This blog website was created for me by Andrew Murray’s team. He has a free 60 day marketing course on how to market your blog. You can find out more about him here.

However, you need a few things in order to have an effective blog page. And you need to find out how they work so you can adapt to all the new features that are launched after you start.

First you need to buy a domain with the name of your website or blog. I use to register my domain names. The website needs to have a hosting company in order to be published on the internet. Mine is integrated in the blog building package.

The Template for the blog is a WordPress theme. Besides lots of training videos on the support page and forum discussions on, there are many tutorials on Youtube and from other bloggers that can help answer questions.

To interact with customers or readers I use Acuity Scheduling to offer consultation sessions with appointment calendar. I also use an email auto responder to send email messages and communicate about new services or maintain a subscribers list for my newsletter. Aweber is used by most network marketers. This is a service that you cannot do without if your business depends on new leads to grow.

I plan to do webinars in the future and will run these from the same portal as the text blasts to customers or team members. Stay tuned on my blog for details.

Currently I use clickfunnels to create landing pages for specific services or products that I want to market on line via my website, on Facebook or any other media. This company offers several funnels that you can personalize in 30 minutes or less to generate traffic or get sales.


Other resources:

Evernote is a powerful program to be organized and have access to all things you want to remember. I wanted to do setup this a while ago, but did not complete the process. I just started out yesterday, and are still experimenting on how it works and getting used to all the possibilities. So far I like that I can use it on any device (if you download), and it is always updated. What is more important for me, is that I have piles of to-do-lists, notes of trainings I took, or cuts of newspaper articles floating around. I just do not have a sophisticated system that gives me access anywhere, anytime. Will let you know how it goes.





Here are the testimonials of people that benefits and share their opinions and experiences to us. We would love to hear from you and your success in future. All the best, Thank you very much.

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